The Guilty Man

This poem is to the whole world  from a youngster who is fully frustrated with what all big blunders(mistakes) he has done till date in his life and is on the verge of committing suicide. Dipped in emotions this piece of art for you all. Kindly feel the situation, you will get to know his sentiments more precisely.Here you go……..

You understand bits and pieces of me

You think you know me

Alas! my world is not as carefree

Look into my eyes and you’ll find

A soul much darker than thee.


The blood that runs in my veins

Will dry up one day

And with it all the secrets that I didn’t share

Pray that you don’t find me on the dais someday

Speaking all that I couldn’t’ bear.


Dark are tomorrow’s eyes

Darker still was my past

For me, deceit and lies

For you, a man wishing his last.


Before I bend upon my knees

Put me in my grave

Alive, I can’t sleep in peace

For its hell, not heaven, that I crave.



1 Response to “The Guilty Man”

  1. 1 sneha
    April 1, 2010 at 8:14 am

    itna centi…..aisa kya ho gaya be tujhe….li8 le lyf ko…n njy it 2 its core….. chilaxxxx… coz these days won’t cum back…..

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