Hi Friends,

I am Anmol Rajpurohit, a third year undergraduate student at Laxmi Niwas Mittal Institute Of Information Technology(LNMIIT). I am doing my under-graduation in the field of Computer Science. I write some articles and mainly poems.

The inspiration to write these poems come through what all conditions either I underwent or my close ones. Many of my poems and articles have been published in my school and college magazine. I have so many matters cramped in my mind that I can go on writing however being a undergraduate student I am not able to devote much time to this hobby of mine.

I am very deeply interested in coding too. Though I have not learnt many programming languages yet, however C/C++ is my strength. My most important goal in life is to be among the most successful programmers of the world and my struggle for my goal is on. I want to develop applications that could boom IT Industry like anything and be a boon to society

Hope you would like my articles and poems. Do give me your feedback and suggestions(if any).

Keep Smiling ,Enjoy Life !!


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